Help! I want to cancel my subscription, but Spotify wont let me


Help! I want to cancel my subscription, but Spotify wont let me


So, I try clicking "My Account" on the player and nothing actualy happens. I need to cancel it NOW because I can't afford it. I've been trying to do this for a while and it's taking my money when I don't want it to. I NEED THAT MONEY TO EAT, that £9.99 could have gone towards a few days worth of food, but now I have to starve for almost a week for serives that I didn't even get. It's funny because last time it took my money without me wantinf it to, I still didn't get what that money payed for which is no adverts. And guess what? I STILL GOT ADVERTS regardless of the fact they took money that I could not afford to pay. If they took money that I wouldn't afford to give I should atleast get the correct services for it.
I demand my money back.

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Re: Help! I Want to cancel my subscription, but Spotify won't let me

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Apologies for the inconvenience.

Have you tried cancelling it from your subscriptions page?


If it still doesn't work, I suggest you submit an online contact form; and someone at Spotify should be able to cancel it for you, and if you didn't get the premium features, maybe refund you.

If you get an automated reply; make sure to reply to it directly (even if it's from a no reply); and it will be sent to the Spotify staff.


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