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Help! My favorites have been deleted


Help! My favorites have been deleted

Hi There, 

My Favorites have all been deleted, but my playlists have not been affected. 

Can anyone at Spotify retrieve my Favorites? 



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Hi, seems like my favorites have disappeared as well. Could you please help me?

Hello I have the same problem since today, can anybody help me recover it?

I'm having the same problem! I wonder if I could get some help since I don't know what to do?

Just contact the Spotify team, write an e-mail to the support staff on
their website. Sometimes they are able to restore it under a different name

Hi, I have the same problem, there were also some playlists deleted, but I was able to recover them on the website. I havent been using spotify on my laptop over the weekend and suddenly everything had changed.

Please, fast help would be appreciated.


Can you please recover my favorites too?

Can someone pls help me or explain to me how I can fix this!!!

Add me to the list of folks with lost favorites. Asking for assistance in recovering them. Thanks.

All my saved songs are not appearing. Can anyone retrieve them?
It's happened after a Spotify update.


Can you restore my favourites! Please

My Starred Songs have been deleted as well please restore them!


I have the same problem that my favorites seem to be deleted.

is there a chance to recover them?

I am having a similar problem. I hit the check mark to add a song to favorites, but then there isn’t a playlist for favorites showing up. Would love to have that function. Thanks 

I'm having same problem can anyone help

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