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Help: Wife's name shows up on my account

Help: Wife's name shows up on my account

Although there are other threads about this issue, I am starting a new one: a) those have been closed as solved, b) this issue needs constant escalation so it is fixed.


At some point I attached my account to my wife's Facebook account. Now despite having done all of the following things, when I get logged in using my account I see her name and my playlists, but when I start with a clean install on my PC and start by logging in through Facebook I lose all my playlists but see my name.


I've tried these things in a variety of combinations. As stated on other threads, there seems to be a caching issue. In the words of the proverbial customer: Fix this s---. It's a bad bug


Disconnect / reconnect Facebook

  1.  Disconnect my account from Facebook using Preferences
  2.  Reconnect to Facebook using my account, not my wife's
  3.  Note that I see my wife's name in Spotify and see all my playlists


Uninstall / reinstall

  1.  Logout of Spotify on all devices (well, except my daughter's iPhone)
  2.  Uninstall Spotify from my PC
  3.  Restart my PC
  4.  Reinstall Spotify on my PC - when prompted, sign-in with Facebook
  5.  Note that I see my name but all my playlists are gone
  6.  Disconnect my account from Facebook using Preferences
  7.  Sign in with my Spotify user name / password
  8.  Note that I see my wife's name and my playlists


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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


Is your correct profile picture showing on your profile in the Spotify client? 

Be aware that changes to names can take up to 24 hours to be reflected on the Spotify server side, since I am guessing those pages need to be updated. If the correct profile picture is showing, it will normally correct itself. 



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