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Help! Wrote wrong email

Help! Wrote wrong email

I am paying for Spotify premium but The Email is wrong. I wrote .com instead of .no And i dont remember The password. What to do!?
2 Replies

We have a the same problem my friend, I did that too, I put my username of my fb too but it did go to the email that doesn't exist too. But the same user of my fb. How we can unsubcribe the premium that we've been put totthat acc of us. That's the thing that I want to be ask and to be help by the spotify management. Because I just want to unsubscribe the premium to the wrong email then subscribe to the correct email. Thats all I want to . Hoping spotify will help us. Here's my email, just contact me with that.

Try to get in touch with Spotify Support folks.. They are the best people to ask regarding incorrect accounts.

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