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do today my account has been logged out and whenever I put

in my password it gets logged out. I think it has been hacked because I am not  receiving Any emails relating to the account about password reset. I really don’t know what to do cause I use Spotify every day and I’ve tried to access the account in many ways. 


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First reset your e-mail password, maybe if you got hacked the person has access to your email account and can have reset your password without you knowing. Secondly, when you're trying to log in  to your spotify account you'll probably have a little sentence saying "Forgot your password?" or something like that. Have you already tried that? If not, try and do that. If you're able to reset your password, immediately proceed to log off your account in every device. If you're able to reset it but you don't know how to log off in every device make sure to give a beep here. Hope I could help, give some news on the progress!

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Thanks for posting about this and welcome to the Community!


In this case, we'd recommend taking a look at the steps in this support site article, including how to get in touch with us.


This way, a member of our support staff will be happy to take a closer look backstage for you.


Let us know how things go! We'll be right here if you need more help.


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