Help logging in on my Mac for first time


Help logging in on my Mac for first time


Hello There,


I signed up to Spotify yesterday and am struggling to sign into it on my Mac. It's fine online but I can't log on using the app I downloaded. I've tried clicking the "Log in with Facebook" button which takes me through to a screen that says "Logging in to Spotify.." but it rpidly becomes de-active and nothing happens. I also tried creating a device password in my online account but when I followed the link that was sent to me in an email it took me to a page that said "We're all mixed up, refresh this page or try again later"...I have been trying for nearly 24 hours now and I get the same thing every time.


Please can someone help me sort out this problem!





We're all mixed up Refresh this page or try again later. It may take some time to get things up again.

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Re: Help logging in on my Mac for first time


Hey @21yvqs4nsvmxfa2!


It's odd that this happens. If you created the account with Facebook, try logging out from the Facebook page, clean the cache and cookies from your browser and then try to log in again in Spotify.


Let us know how it goes.