Help: "A Facebook error has occurred..."


Help: "A Facebook error has occurred..."




how can I open a support ticket? I just bought a new smartphone (Fairphone 2, running Android 5). After installing facebook and Spotify, I can't log in to Spotify. I have a Premium Account associated with my Facebook account. Whenever I press "Login with Facebook" all i get is "A facebook error has occurred. Please try again." This error appears immediately, the app doesn't seem to check much. This error is persistent. I have reinstalled both Facebook and Spotify on my phone. I have logged in to Facebook. PLEASE HELP.

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Thanks, that solved the problem.


it doesn't work for me i did eveyrthing the steps told me to do


Does this have to be done on a pc or can it be done on mobile browser? Thanks

Tried this but now it's saying my username and password isn't correct.


I have the same problem....i can connect with facebook on my computer but not on my phone or tablet...i tried everything you wrote but it didn't is there another solution? 


Same. Been like it for 2 weeks now. Everything I've tried doesn't fix it. Anyone with any ideas .... 


Only works if your Facebook account is setup using an email address as your account.  Mine uses my phone number and this does not work.  Thanks spotify

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