Help unlink student account


Help unlink student account

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I got hacked by someone in Brazil. I am trying to get spotify premium. I have gone back to my profile to edit my country back to Canada. However that changes nothing. When I get to the payment portion of getting the premium deal it is telling me i have a payment failure because my canadian credit card isn't matching the brazilian cities in the address portions and i cannot put any Canadian provinces. plz help lol I tried making a second account but then my student information is already linked to the first account leaving me with no options 

Thank you

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Hi @laviramdonee,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. I would recommend you first changing your password, then sign out everywhere. That ensures that whoever is in your account will be logged out of your account and will not know your new set password or know that you have changed your password. I would also recommend you check out this page for more information. 


I hope this helps and let me know how it goes. Thanks!