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Hi-fi, lossless playback, FLAC offer


Hi-fi, lossless playback, FLAC offer

Just received a notification via the app for lossless playback, etc.., for an additional $5 but i clicked back and now it's gone? How can i find this again?


86 Replies

Just got my first true hi res audio set up. Love spotify's UI and ease of access to finding music, have discovered many new artists because of everything they offer. If they release the hifi service it will definitly beat tidal. Wish I could test it out! Hopefully it is released in the near future.

Guys! We are still waiting!

If Tidal ever lowers their fee to $15 a month for hi-fi downloads, I would quit Spotify immediately.  The $20 tidal currently charges is too much.  I know it's only a $5 difference, but we gotta draw the line somewhere.  Spotify better pray that Tidal doesn't come to their senses and lower their price just a little bit. I have to believe there are many many other people that would jump ship if it was $5 less. 


Message to Spotify:


"Invest in lossless downloads or else you'll fall behind the times".  Tic Toc Tic Toc...... 

Deezer just introduced FLAC Lossless streaming last week - though it's $20 CAD.  I'd love to try it out, but the Spotify student plan for $5 bucks is just too sweet a deal - for now...  I also think Deezer is WAY better desinged than Tidal, so there's that.

Would love to see a lossless plan from Spotify. I got a Tidal account a few weeks ago and haven't used Spotify sense. I'd much rather stick with Spotify, but still no lossless option.

TIDAL has me on a six month trial right now and I'm really enjoying the lossless streaming. When that trial is up I'm going to have to choose between Spotify and TIDAL and frankly I don't see myself valuing Spotify's additional bells and whistles over lossless audio. 

Would really like to get that

I can’t believe that Spotify is not implementing lossless streaming yet. 


I havent subscribed to Spotify since Tidal started and would switch back to Spotify 

if they finally do this . 

If there's the opportunity to be in some kinda of pilot  to test the lossless streaming i would be glad to join!

Still waiting... my car audio build will be done soon and with a 20Hz sub compressed just isn't going to cut it. Please, make Spotify perfect - give us lossless! 

And soon please.

I want to join this Hi-Fi test, please invite me!


Someone send me a Hifi offer so I can test the service out! 

Not sure why people are asking for invites - the service is not out, it's not even confirmed as 'on the way' so slow your roll people! 

Can I test Lossless until I move to Tidal? 🙂 I am really interested in HiFi to use it in my Car and home HIFI

i need try this offer please ! for me hears ! xo

Would love the invitation to preview the new service.  Love the features of Spotify and could not give it up for Tidal.  I use Spotify on Sonos throughout the house, but more anxious to hear the difference on my Marantz SR7010 reciever through its Spotify Connect feature and hoping the built-in feature will support new lossess streaming.  

I would also like the hifi version. I just moved to Tidal because of the sound quality but would like to come back to Spotify because of better software. Please invite me. 

You, guys, asking for lossless but none of you actually know that Spotify uses Vorbis 320k which is transparent for 100% people. There are no chances that any of You will hear difference between Vorbis 320 kbps and FLAC. 


Try it!

Vorbis isn't MP3. It's much better than MP3.


Oh, and nobody hear difference between 44.1/16 and 96/24.

I would also like the hifi version. Please invite me. 

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