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Hi-fi, lossless playback, FLAC offer


Hi-fi, lossless playback, FLAC offer

Just received a notification via the app for lossless playback, etc.., for an additional $5 but i clicked back and now it's gone? How can i find this again?



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Hi all, Spotify Staff here. 


We don't have an offer for lossless playback. The absolutely best way to let Spotify know you would be interested in such a feature is to leave your vote and comments here: "HiFi Quality - Lossless Streaming 16bit 44.1khz"


I can assure you the feedback in the Idea Exchange is being passed on to the internal teams on a very regular basis. As soon as we have any updates on this we will post in that thread first. 


Thank you for coming to the Spotify Community to give us your feedback. If you have any questions please post here.


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Today Spotify doesn't support Lossless streaming. Add your comments and votes to this idea to show your support for Lossless quality.

I got this same ad, but mine was for $7.50 a month.  It was called "Spotify hi-fi" for lossless playback.  

lcolling Spotify delivered this notification in the app trying to sell Spotify Hi-Fi.

Hmm that sounds strange for me. 😕

Never heard about something like this.

Maybe you should try to contact the support and ask them about this offer.

I'm sure they know more about that.


I also got that notification in the app this morning. my offer was for $10 more a month. Talked to support and they verified that they truly don't offer anything higher quality than the extreme we get with premium. If anyone sees it again take a screen shot and send it to support. I'm on android, is everyone else that's seen this offer also running android?  

I noticed the same exact message today.  My upgrade pop-up message was for $5 and it included information about exclusive offers for concert tickets also I believe - among one or two other benefits that I can't remember.  (I'm on Android).


I had the same issue, i ignored the message but have not been able to re-access it.  That's what led me here actually.

i want to join hifi test, please invite me please!

I recently switched to Tidal for the lossless playback. I'd be tempted to return to Spotify if the bump in music quality is released. Spotify has a leg up in terms of device support (Google Home) as well as tailored playlists (Daily Mix, Discover Weekly). Hopefully the rumor of an impending release of lossless music on Spotify will happen soon!

And today is my last day of Spotify service until the lossless music is released. Tidal has a less robust libary and fewer features, but my music tastes are diverse enough that I can find stuff to listen to. Listening all day at work I've noticed a significant difference in quality between Tidal and Spotify. I will return in the future.

Have you received the invite? Can you extend it to me please? Luca.provenzano at Gmail dot com

I want to ditch TIDAL so bad. TIDAL UI sucks, absolutelly sucks.


Can you imagine not being able to jump to the list that is currently playing!


Give me losless and it's good by TIDAL.

TIDAL isn't that bad for the UI. It's not as good as Spotify nor as compatible with devices/streaming...But it's not horrible. The real thing that Spotify needs to be aware of is that the recordings are usually better on TIDAL. This has nothing to do with the bitrate/lossless aspect of things. I think the 320kbps is fine to be frank -- what you can't fix with increasing the bitrate is the junk recording that you got. There are serveral versions of the same song and they are not all created equal.


EVEN WITHIN Spotify you'll see the same song (differen't album) at different qualities. TIDAL simply has more tracks with better recordings. Maybe it's the studio and the masters. Maybe its the way in which the songs were digitized. I'm not sure, but even with a higher bitrate, there's going to be a lot of distorted songs left on Spotify. So all you'll be doing is paying more money for the same thing.


This isn't in all cases of course. I do think it's great to have the option for a higher bitrate...It will benefit some songs...But right now it's too spotty. I'd rather see Spotify invest time and money into getting better recordings first.

love Spotify UI, please release hifi quality !

Me encantaria recibir musica sin perdidas de momento seguire utlizando Tidal, si algun dia deciden ofrecer musica sin perdidas me cambiare, pero de momento lo que ofrece Tidal es muy superior en calidad.

In the same boat here. I've recently tried Tidal HiFi ( and although the service is not perfect) I will be quiting my Spotify subscription unless they can give us a lossless option as well.

Right now I have a Spotify Free account  and I pay for a lossless audio service. Why? Because I want the best audio that is available to me. When Spotify goes lossless I will upgrade my account and use it. Until then I will stick with the other service that is lossless - despite its glitches and inferior interface.


Here's the bottom line: Spotify will have no choice but to go lossless. The internet infrastructure and the mobile infrastructure is capable now. And so competitors, both established and potential start-ups, smell blood and will start to more and more exploit Spotify's Achilles heel (compressed music). This will result in lossless becoming ubiquitous, and those services that dont have it will start (and I would suggest, already are) becoming the but of peoples jokes. Albeit slowly, the lossless train is starting to roll and now there's no stopping the trend. It IS going to happen. My only advice to Spotify would be to get on this quick before they start losing market share.

Audiophiles and/or people who can afford the best are not going to listen to compressed music - period.

Sonds like Spotify did somthing called Pretotyping (, or it might just have been a mistake.

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