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Hi-fi, lossless playback, FLAC offer


Hi-fi, lossless playback, FLAC offer

Just received a notification via the app for lossless playback, etc.., for an additional $5 but i clicked back and now it's gone? How can i find this again?


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don't bull**bleep** me with good headphones, the difference is obvious.


I see people here talk about invitations for lossless streaming.

How can I try the lossless on Spotify? Is it available to all countries?

Thank you!

Sign me up.  I would love to be a part of the trial.

I would also be interested in beta testing the lossless service. Cheers

Google Deezer or Tidal. Used both now. Currently using Deezer. Library isn't as big as Spotify. Spotify really needs to get lossless out. Right after they fix their stock price. The MINUTE some service offers lossless for $10-15/mo, Spotify is going to lose a ton of customers. Lossless problem is its too expensive for what you get. But for less cost, you might do it.


I'm still hoping for a lossless Spotify. But more importantly Spotify also needs to throw away the trash rips it has. I spend too much time searching for versions of the same song to find the one with better quality. Even if they offered lossless, it'd sound bad (or no different) for a good 25%+ of their tracks. That may be why they are testing it? Apprehensive about it? Because it really may not make a difference in many cases.


But yea, heck, sign me up! I don't want to be paying for multiple streaming services here.

My dear Sir,


In this instance... I would beg to differ! the sound in quality is not noticable on many audio systems I give you that!


But with the correct setup, en needles to say off course good HiFi quality amps / monitors / speakers, it will definetly be hearable... and that is only if the quality of the song listened to is also supreme in its recording.... 


That you may say this, gives me the impression that you personally have never heard the difference, or simply are not able to hear (pretty common among 50+ people with hearing degradation)


Reacion to a post a page back.... (about the vorbis codec)



PS: I would like to say, It would be great to add such a feature to such a great service. Just for the LossLess audio I tried Tidal... and dit not listen that much, because of the fact their crawler/indexer is not even in the ballpark of that of spotify, and besides that the default playlists aren't as good... and the overal experience of the software is nog great either....
So Spotify, enhance us HiFi enthousiasts !!

I have multiple hifi / reference headphones, DACs and amps. I assure you I can hear just fine. 


Im not saying there isn’t a side by side distinguishable difference. With the right equipment - there is.


What I’m saying is for a very significant portion of Sootify’s Library, it won’t matter because the mp3 rips are of poor quality (or the source).


second, the question becomes is high quality mp3 vs lossless really worth the jump in price? For me, no, because the limited number of quality tracks and the subtle difference doesn’t justify the price tag. Maybe not true for others. It’s preference. I will listen to my own rips from CD when I’m in the mood.

That's a great point. I can't tell the difference between lossy and losses
in an ABX (i.e. However, I can tell the difference
between Tidal playback and Spotify. This is likely due to some poorer rip
qualities on Spotify, as well as inability to serve exclusive / bitperfect
playback to my DAC.

It would improve my sound experience most greatly if Spotify improves the
quality of their rips and supports direct-to-DAC playback

Please invite me acamp1103 for any hifi lossless beta testing. Otherwise I’m planning to switch to Tidal in the near future 

If there is such a thing, I'd be happy to test it pay for it. Tidal on my Sonos kit sounds good, Spotify on Sonos sounds no different. Tidal on my Naim Muso sounds awesome (free trial that came with it, almost time for renewal!) Spotify Extreme sounds slightly worse. Not a fan of his music but a local audio dealer recommended Sting' Fields of Gold as being a great track to use as a benchmark. It is! I'm also on a Qobuz trial right now but I'm disappointed. Awful interface, poor selection and generally unreliable. 

I've now tried Spotify, Tidal, and Deezer. Tidal wasn't enough to pull me away from Spotify. The first week or two of Deezer wasn't either...Honestly it was the available music on Spotify that kept me (and marketing and customer loyalty, I've used Spotify for years). The quality on Tidal and Deezer is hands down better than Spotify on average. You will notice an improvement and, to be frank, I don't think that has to do with lossless/hi-fi. I think it's the source quality.


After more time with Deezer I realize its catalogue is actually larger than Spotify's and the quality is better. Lossless is awesome too. So unfortunately, I'll likely be ending my Spotify subscription. I'll check back if they add lossless, but many people have been asking for it for a long while. I think Spotify had every chance here, but just didn't deliver. I really don't think Spotify cares about lossless because I think it only serves a very small subsegment of users.


If you want lossless, I would suggest Deezer. I do wish it was like $5/mo cheaper. I think if Spotify came in with a more aggressively price lossless option, it would really spell trouble for Tidal and Deezer. Though again, I also don't think Spotify is ever really going to invest much into the audio quality department. I bet 95%+ of their users are using cheap earbuds. All lossless would stand to do is run them a higher bill. I absolutely can't fault them for that business decision and I absolutely had a lovely time with Spotify over the years.

I'm in the same boat. Started a long time ago with Google's Play Music, then switched to Spotify, but the sound quality occasionally was plan and simply horrible. It wasn't just the streaming, if the source is fine, 320 is not bad, but not good either. I am a sound engineer, so lossy music on studio equipment sounds horrible no matter the source. And it's all i have, studio equipment. So i ditched Spotify, turned to Tidal. At first, it was ok, but i noticed the same thing on their lossless stream, occasionally the sound quality was subpar. So they too have "source quality" issues. But the UI was horrible. And it's heavily rap & rnb oriented, too much for my tastes. And so i ditched Tidal as well and turned to Deezer. So far, i have the best experience with them. Nothing is "the best" with them, but everything works good enough. Sound quality very good, sources are good, UI acceptable, "flow" works good, track suggestions work fine.. Spotify excels at suggestions and user experience, but lacks sound quality. So, concluding, Deezer is my choice until Spotify starts streaming lossless and verifies sources.



How is it possible to switch to HIFI version of spotify? I would like to pay extra money for that option, as the quality of current version is not enough.

I followed your advice, I did a bit 'of listening also comparing Qobus, better than Tidal, but speaking of the flow of listening and quality, I agree at the time Deezer hifi is the Top.

I just wrote in chat directly to the assistance ... and they do not know anything about it

@frk wrote:



How is it possible to switch to HIFI version of spotify? I would like to pay extra money for that option, as the quality of current version is not enough.

I just wrote in chat directly to the assistance ... and they do not know anything about it

I am also paying for Tidal as the quality is incredible.  Still paying for Spotify family as well.  Can i be part of the beta as i am very close at moving my family plan to tidal HiFi for $35 a month.

I am 100%in the same boat as Steve83 above.  I also pay for both Spotify family and recently gave Tidal a try.  I kept hearing how bad the interface was, but I actually really like it.  I'm impressed by the SQ of their FLAC based media and really enjoy the MQA content as well.  The tidal interface gives a ton of info about the recordings as well as a great mechanism for RIYL.  I don't want to give up on Spotify because I've been a subscriber for 6 years.  But, if the status quo in terms of the sound quality is the best there is I'm going to make the jump completely.  

Yes and also love tidal videos

Please sign me up! I'd absolutely upgrade to a HiFi subscription if it was available, lossless Spotify is effectively the way to make it the absolute perfect streaming service!

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