Horrible errors upon nick change


Horrible errors upon nick change

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I've changed my nick and now I can't find myself or a new playlist I've just made on:


The problem is that the  new nick will NOT change on my Spotify page, although

I've changed it, causing me not to be found by regular people using Spotify search.

The Nick on my Spotify  page is currently "Profile", it used to be my actual nick there before I've changed it.  I'm adding a pic with the Eroorspotify.jpg


Yesterday i spent a lot of time taking to your chat boots and their answers were insulting.

1. I DON'T want to send people links to playlists!

2. I want to be able to find myself/playlists in a regular/not logged-in Spotify open search

3. I want my Spotify page to display my actual nickname as before and NOT "Profile", This is the ROUTE of the problem!


Unbelievable, Who thought that a simple nick change can cause so much problems.

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Re: Horrible errors upon nick change


Hey there @Supernesh,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Sorry to hear that you're having such issues with updating your Display name.


We'd recommend Logging out Everywhere, as this will force sync your account with the servers.


The word Profile you're seeing in the upper right corner indicates that you're logged in your profile page and it's not your actual Display name. Every user sees this.

You'd be able to see your Display name on the mobile app, for example.


If you can't find yourself in the Search option, this means that there are most likely multiple other users with the same Display name. To improve visibility make sure your app is not set to Private Session. ( Settings > Social > Private session should be switched OFF; Listening Activity should be switched ON)

Let us know what Display name you see in the app itself and if it's the one you've set for yourself.



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