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How I can share all my like songs with another one.

How I can share all my like songs with another one.



I have a list of songs that I like on spotify. Is there any way to share it with other.

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e.g. in the desktop app:

1. put those songs in a playlist

2. right click on the playlist + select:

copy http link


3. this http link you can send to others

 I don't want to create a new playlist and add all my liked songs there.... I would like to share my liked songs. Something like a dinamic link (if I like it, automatically it goes to the "my liked songs playlist")

Please, Spotify.  Put this idea in you Agile system.  It is a very nice idea. Thanks.

Ya, I just like songs and it'd be nice to be able to share those with people.

Either with a permission system that you could allow certain people to see your faves, an auto-generated list you could then prune, or just choosing to allow everyone to see it.


Found how to do it!

Or at least make a quick new playlist with everything.

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