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How can I change the Discovery Weekly picture if I created my Spotify account using FB directly?

How can I change the Discovery Weekly picture if I created my Spotify account using FB directly?


I already found on this message board a way to change the picture on the discover weekly playlist IF you can unlog and relog from facebook, it is unfortunatly not an option for me since I initially used Facebook to create my spotify account.


Thank you for your time.

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To change your Discover Weekly playlist's picture, you need to change your profile picture on Facebook.

Have a great day!

Hey Ponti, 


I've actually changed my profile picture numerous times since I subscribed to Spotify, the original remains :o/



Are you sure you are logging in with the same Facebook account you changed your picture on?

Yup, it's always been the same account, here's the answer I was refering to earlier;


Click Spotify (for Mac) or File (for Windows) in the menu bar.
Select Preferences.
Click Disconnect again to confirm.
Please allow some time for the changes to be reflected on your account.

Note: If you created your account using Facebook, you can’t disconnect it from Facebook.


Step 3 isn't an option on my account, probably becasue I created my account using FB, I just figure there has to be another way to change that picture.

That's strange... I've escalated this post to Spotify, they will have a look at it.

Have a great day!


Can confirm I've got the same issue. My profile picture was changed last week sometime, and although the Spotify profile picture has updated, the DW playlist cover still shows my previous profile picture.

How long did you wait for the Discover Weekly playlist picture to update? It can take up to 3 weeks to update.

Have a great day!

Well, I started my Spotify subscription about 6 months ago, and my profile picture has changed about 5 times since, but the DW cover is still the one I had on when I signed up.

I just realized that was probably directed to Swanny 😕

No, it wasn't 😉 I will notify Spotify about this.

And like magic, it updated!!! Coincidence? Maybe, do I care? H3LL NO! thanks for the help guys!

Can you guys help me as well? I have the same issue and can't make anything about it. 😞

Hey @rackadamo, if you change your Facebook profile picture, your Discover Weekly picture will update within the next couple of updates. It's not always straight away, I tend to find I need to wait until the update after next for it to take effect.


Let me know if you have any further questions!

I have waited for several months now and my discover weekly photograph still reflects an older image. What constitutes an "update"? Does that mean a weekly music rotation? Or a major patch/versioning-up of the Spotify player/app?

I'm with the rest of these guys I think. Today is August 1 - I've updated my profile photo twice, once at the beginning of June, once around the beginning of July... still showing the profile photo from before that. I've unfollowed the discover weekly playlist, tried disconnecting/reconnecting Facebook, etc... no luck.

Same problem here! If anyone from spotify can change up my Discover Weekly picture that would be awesome. Not a fan of seeing my ex every time I wanna listen to new tunes... 😛

FWIW, I finally was able to get this changed. You have to disconnect your
Spotify from facebook (on your desktop, Settings, Social, click the
Disconnect from Facebook button.) You need to be disconnected when the
playlist is regenerated - I did it a few days early on Friday I think. If
it worked, the playlist should be created with a blank icon - if not, stay
disconnected through another full week.

Once the playlist has a blank icon, reconnect Spotify to facebook via the
desktop app, and the *next* regen will get your current FB photo.

Good luck!

Aah, I created my account with Facebook, so that's not an option for me sadly 😞

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