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How can I change the picture used for "Discover Weekly?"

How can I change the picture used for "Discover Weekly?"

Hi y'all, can you please advise me how I can change the picture used for "Discover Weekly"?

It shows an old Facebook profile picture. So I unconnected my Facebook account and reconnected again. But it's still showing the same picture. I'm not even using the picture for the Facebook profile picture right now.

3 Replies

Hey @HiroDaHero1987, welcome to the Community!


Can you let us know how long ago did you deactivate/reactivate your Facebook account?


We'll see what we can suggest.

I unlinked the Facebook account about 2 weeks ago. 


I have somewhat the same problem. The picture used for Discover Weekly is an really old profile picture of me and my ex, seriously that photo is well over half a year old and I have chaged the profile on facebook many times since. I do not want the picture of my ex in my face every time I start spotify.

I created my account using Facebook, so I can’t disconnect it from Facebook and solve it that way.

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