How can I delete my account (no access to email)

How can I delete my account (no access to email)


I want to delete my spotify account . My spotify account is connected to my fb account but I don't have access to the email address on my Facebook . I just updated my email address on Facebook but spotify is still giving me the old one. how can I solve this issue? 

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Hello @Majimajo and welcome!


It usually takes about a week for the change to be applicated to Spotify. If the change still doesn't show up try disconnecting and reconnecting to Facebook. Here's how.


Please note that it’s not possible to restore a closed account after 7 days. If you are certain of your decision, and you are a premium user, you will then need to reach out to support so that they may being the process. To contact support, please fill out the online contact form. If you are a free user, you can instead visit


I hope you come back soon 🙂

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