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How can I delete my account?

How can I delete my account?

I want to delete my account, how can I do it?


I've been a "happy client" of the Unlimeted Version. Now I've decided, after several months, to come back to the free version. But I'm living now in other country and Spotify says that I need to update my profile and change my original country for the new one. This action can't be done without a Payment account and it makes me very furious, but that's life. 


I can't find the option of deleting my account anywhere, please can I have some help?


Thanks very much

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So many people have problems with changing their accounts and spotify is not helping....

This communitypage is useless !!!!!

Hey! Welcome to the Spotify Community 🙂


If you have a Free account, you can only use Spotify abroad for 14 days at a time. You'll need to reconnect to Spotify in the country you signed up in or change the country settings from here. If your account is on Free there's no need to enter a payment method to update the country settings.

If you really want to close your account, you can do it with the steps here.


Hope this helps,



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