How can I find the other family members on Spotify?


How can I find the other family members on Spotify?


I have a Spotify Premium account and this year I changed it to a family account where I have added both my husband and my eldest daughter. Now when I wanted to share a song with my daughter I could not find her in my list of Spotify friends. I then searcher for her account in the list of possible new friends but her account did not show up. Does anyone know if childrens' account are protected even for their parent/the owner of the family account? That seems weird because as a parent I would like to keep an eye on her account but it seems hidden for me. Anyone know how this work? Is there some hidden setting that I have not seen? 

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You should ask them their usernames.


Having them, just type this in the search bar:



Change 'username' with the actual username of the user you want to follow.


His profile will appear, and you will be able to follow him. If he / she follows you back, you will be able to send music through the app.
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Im using the username noted for ea family member and can only find they Main one, meaning my spouse, but not my children !!

I tried email, not!, user name ,Not !!

can someone tell me if there is a setting on their users that I need to click _

they both show active on the account... and they are using their own spotify account///