How change the NAME + SURNAME behind my Premium Family account


How change the NAME + SURNAME behind my Premium Family account


Just made a new premium family account.

Only had to fill in an e-mail and password, but no other personalia like a name or surname.


After completion of the account I wanted to invite my wife to join the family account but the invitation-wizard associated my wife's name and surname suddenly as the name and surrname to be associated with the premium family account itself. So now Spotify links my mail and credit card with my wife's name and surname instead of mine. Probably te invoices will be on her name too.


 I ran through all the account settings, but can't find a way to edit or even view the personalia of my premium family account. I only see this wrong personalia when I invite my family members to the account, as you see in the attached screenshot.


Can the Spotify crew please help me out?!




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Hey @afv_2wwx-aol9, welcome to the community!


Right now, the Premium for Family plan invitation email includes the name provided when it was set up. Although it is currently not possible to edit this info, we can see why it would be useful to have it available in the future, so we will pass your comments on to the right team.


All the best.

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