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How could I register offline devices?

How could I register offline devices?

Hi. I am a spotify family member. My account has no offline devices available. How could I register/connect some?



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Hey there!


Do you mean making music available offline? If so, read this link of the Spotify FAQ and it you should be good to go!


If that doesn't answer your question just let me know and we'll figure something else out. 






Hey, thanks for your answer.


Not really. If I will look into my account information, there is a menu for offline devices, where no device is registered. Is that important to listen to music offline?


Do I have to download my playlists from my mobile phone itself to listen to them offline or could I transfer my downloaded playlists from my pc to my mobile phone?

If you have a playlist set for offline on your PC, you're going to need to separately set it offline on mobile as Spotify is not going to synch offline playlists. 


I'm not quite sure why nothing is showing up on the offline devices page, a simple relog in and out may fix it. 

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