How did Spotify Steal my GF's Credit Card info and charge her for my account?


How did Spotify Steal my GF's Credit Card info and charge her for my account?


A couple months ago I downloaded a free service from Spotify off facebook. I never purchased any subscription or entered in any kind of credit card information. I enjoyed the service until I found out a few days ago that my girlfriend's maxed out credit card has been charged for a subscription for Spotify that I certainly never signed up for. She doesn't even have an account. The card is not one that she ever uses and neither of us can figure out how that card number got put on my account. I seem to be signed up for a service until may, but I want it cancelled right now and to have her card credited the money that spotify charged it immediately. This is Fraud and spotify should be aware that illegally taking someone's credit card information is a very serious offense. Neither I nor my girlfriend are stupid and we do not intend to simply let this go.


I have tried to contact the lame and pointless Spotify "help support" but they have yet to even respond to any of my emails. This is very important and I am absolutely beyond frustrated that there is no way to get in touch with someone over the phone. I hope that posting this to the community will get some kind of attention so that it can be settled if not I do intend to take this as far as it has to go to get the money reimbursed that they stole.

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Re: How did Spotify Steal my GF's Credit Card info and charge her for my account?


Hi adamwynn- Our support team can help you with this matter, but payments queries need to be handled via the contact form. This so we can confirm details which are best not posted on a public forum. 


I can also see that you've already been sent two reponses to the cases you've opened. Not to worry, I will send those responses over to you again. 


Please keep an eye on your inbox for me (be sure to check your SPAM filter as well). Thanks!

Re: How did Spotify Steal my GF's Credit Card info and charge her for my account?

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First, I want to know how Spotify obtained my CC information and charged me for a premium subscription, and second, I want to know who they gave the subscription to, because it's certainly not linked to my account!  


I first called the number on the credit card charge on Saturday.  I got a generic message asking me to go online.  Then I used the contact form and I got an "auto-reply" stating that I could find all the answers I needed by going online.  Then, I replied to that email saying that I wanted a real person to help and I got no answer.  After 48 hours of no reply, I replied again letting Spotify know that I was disputing the claim and letting my credit card know the charge was fraudulent.  Then I googled to find any other email addresses connected to spotify, copy-pasted my previous correspondence in the email and said that I still hadn't ever received a response and I was still hoping to get some answers.  


Today, I finally got an answer.  I was told that they couldn't find any previous correspondence with me (That's a lie, I copy-pasted everything I sent in the email).  I was also told that my account wasn't linked to a premium subscription and none of my credit card information was in my account. No **bleep**!  Do you think I would be this upset if I had given you my credit card in the first place?  Then I was asked to provide a receipt of the charge.  Seriously? Do you think I have a receipt if the charge was fraudulent?  I replied to the email, re-copying all my previous correspondence with Spotify, as well as attaching a screen-shot of the fraudulent charge.  The fact that it is $10 is irrelevant.  This is credit card fraud, plain and simple, totally illegal.  I want to know how they got my information and am looking into reporting them.