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How do I add my Artist Bio and more...

How do I add my Artist Bio and more...



I've been trying to find answers to the following questions, but so far I haven't been able to find anything. Can you please help? It'll be greatly appreciated! 


1. I am an artist and I have my music on Spotify, however, I'd like to add my bio and short description to my profile. How do I do it? 


2. Can my artist account be linked with my 'listener' account on Spotify?


3. If I'm an artist and I have my music on Spotify, do I have to pay the same kind of membership fee as 'listener only' members? Afterall, artists should be paid a cut for the number of times listeners listen to their music on Spotify, so why not some kind of a discount from the membership fees?


4. If the country where I reside is Netherlands, how do I change the language of my account from Dutch to  English? There should be an option for that.



Thank you




4 Replies

Hi Petra!


Welcome to the community. Good questions! Allow me to try and assist.


1 - Take a look at my "Musicians FAQ" right here to see where biographies are sourced from, and what to do if you want one.


2 - The artist pages on Spotify are not linked to listener accounts. However, you can create playlists of your own work to link others to. If they subscribe, they will be informed when you add tracks to that playlist - when you upload new material, for example.


3 - There is no discount for membership for artists on the service at present.


4 - If you wanted to change the language within the Spotify application, head over to the Preferences menu and you can use the drop down box under the "Language" tab.


Hope this helps! 

Airhorn Enthusiast

What if the artist is not on 
Larry Lovestein & The Velvet Revival
would like to add a bio on him. 

You can apply for a VIP request


then your listener account can be associated with your band profile 


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