How do I change my Spotify Zip Code (Postal Code)?


Re: How do I change my Spotify Zip Code (Postal Code)?

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Hey @belltown,


Please provide a screenshots of the Account Overview or Edit Profile pages? We can see what's really going on using those. It will really help if we have visuals 🙂


It might be that your account is also Facebook-created. Please see my reply to another user on this discussion. Hope it helps.


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Re: How do I change my Spotify Zip Code (Postal Code)?

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Hey @rocketkid91,


This option is only available for Spotify accounts created directly using the Spotify website. If an account is created using Facebook, some options will not really show.


For more information, please see my other replies to several other users in this discussion 🙂


Hope this helps.


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The option to change your postal code does not seem to be there in my profile.  I am not sure if they removed it or it just hasn't been set because their selector keeps picking some other postal code.

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Hey man @JimBeam1, 


Yeah, I think Spotify removed it by design. Generally, it has no bearing to the overall integrity of the account. It will only matter if you're on Premium. I think it's based on the address Spotify is provided by the issuing bank, so still something happening behind the scenes. 


If you really need to have it added, you can contact their Support Team so they can add it manually.


Happy Holidays, brotha! 🙂

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Hey all,


Great to see you helping each other out 🙂


I'm just jumping in to quickly confirm that there isn't an option to change the zip code in your account whether it's created through Facebook or directly through Spotify's website. 


If you need it changed or are having any issues because of it, feel free to reach out to support as @atyourservice00 suggested.


Happy holidays to all!

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