How do I delete my free account, so I can use my premium?


How do I delete my free account, so I can use my premium?







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I have recently (about a month ago) signed up for a premium account through my phone provider. However, it seems that I can't use it, as I two years ago set up a free account connected to my Facebook. Is there any way I delete the old, free one, so I can start over with the new, premium one? 

I have already tried disconnecting the old one by going to social. Also, I have deleted the "app" from my Facebook-page.

So what do I do to delete the old account? 🙂

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Hey there,


Since you are subscribed to spotify premium through your sevice provider, I think the best thing to do is give them a call. Or alternatively, some providers have different methods of activating and some may require you to download their app and sign in, in order to get it activated. Or alternatively from that, if you still would like to delete your account you need to do that through the browser application for Spotify. Here's a video that will talk you through that easily!


Have a nice day 🙂