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How do I go back to a Single $9.99 Premium account?

How do I go back to a Single $9.99 Premium account?

I want to remove the one person I have on my family plan & go back to a 1 person premium account for $9.99. It won't let me do it. It just asks me to invite someone new in their place. It's frustrating.
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Hi there! Try to go to your account settings here: and then look for Subscription. From there you can cancel your Family Plan and then sign up for a regular Premium account instead. Hope this helps 🙂

I have the exact same problem. I canceled my family subscription and signed up for the regular spotify premium account, but it says I still have the family account. 

Does it says so in your client or on your Account t page?

Both I think haha

Ok. So you can't cancel it through the account page?

No, I can't. Every time I resubscribe it says I have a family account...

Ok. I'm really not sure about this, so don't take my word for it but you might need to cancel the family account first, then subscribe as Premium. 

Tried that already. Really don't know what to do anymore. Thanks for the help tho!

I've had the same problem... really annoying. 

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