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How do I make all playlists private?

How do I make all playlists private?

How do I make all playlists private? I clicked the options to make them private in the future but I have 500 playlists and I'm not going to go through and click on everyone to make it secret. Is there a way to set all my playlists to secret at once?
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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Unfortunately this is not currently Possible.

However for future, you can go to Edit>Preferences and untick automatically make new playlists public. Which will mean any new playlists you have will default to Private.


Anthony 🙂

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I already set future to be private and actually i did that in the past and it got reset with an update. 

How did they not think of this, you shouldn't have to click on every playlist to make it private..


Could someone who works there set my playlists to private before i delete my account?

I asked a staff member about this for you, there is no way they can change your privacy settings for all of your playlists either. 



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I'm having the same problem - this is nuts!


I've been a software developer for the last 13 years, consider the following statements:


As a user, you can set/unset whether a playlist is "secret."

This means, in Spotify's datastore, this datum has "update" access (under the CRUD model of data access).

This implies that anyone with CRUD access to the datastore can "update" this datum, since as a user you can.

It would be absurd for a Spotify employee with full CRUD access to the datastore not to be able to do this.


It's not that they "cannot" it's that they "won't."


Shame on you Spotify!




Is there still no easier solution for this? I have over 600 playlists...

i know. it's incredibly irritating. i'm about to be done with spotify.

I have the same problem. I have no desire to click through hundreds of old playlists to make them private. It seems much easier to delete my account and start again. 

Or better yet, delete my account and forget about spotify since glitches like this (which should be super easy to fix) make it more trouble than it's worth. 

Seriously?! This still not possible?! ITS BEEN 3 YEARS

I have the same issue! I began changing about 30-40 of them but i probably have 300-400 playlists and not sure if I want to continue changing each one. I can understand in 2013 not having this feature, but 2017, **bleep**? **bleep**

Update: Turns out I had like 150-200. Ended up manually changing all of them except the few that I wanted public. Argh.

Hey @cizkek_,

This feature is now possible. Right click the playlist and click Make Secret.


No, that's not the issue. The question is in regards to how to make multiple playlists Public or Secret at once. Not to go through all of them and manually change the setting.

Three years, and not a single improvement on the most important part of the service. Can't put your playlists in folders, can't edit multiple playlists at once, takes lot of clicks to check if a playlist is private or not... I dont understand what the developers are busy with their time 😕

This is appalling: your app reads my iTunes library (without permission), then posts all my playlists as "Public"? What are you thinking?

Preach it!


There is now an option in settings to disable "Automatically make new playlists public". Or you can keep it enabled. Might be helpful to some.

Same issue 

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