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How do I sign up for a second account?

How do I sign up for a second account?

I use Spotify at work and at home. But sometimes I'm playing it at work and my husband wants to play it at home while he is cooking or something. We can only play it on one device at a time. I would like to open another account for use at work, but every time I try it just automatically logs me into my existing account. Help!

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If you don't have Spotify Family yet I highly recommend it, there you cane have 2 seperate Spotify accounts.


Also worth to check out Spotify Family Q/A thread below.

Spotify Family isn't available in Canada yet, according to the website.

Oh yeah that's unfortunate, in the meantime you can check out this thread below. Spotify may post some updates there.

Well, that's quite annoying. Seems like Spotify shot themselves in the foot. So I can't open another Spotify account?

You won't be able to create a second account using exactly the same email address but you're on. First make sure you're logged out in every single Spotify account you're logged in. You can also clear your cache is you encounter any issues while creating and or loggin in a with account.


Then go here to create a new account.


You should be able to create a new account on your mobile phone also.


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