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How do I sync songs I have Shazamed to my Spotify??

How do I sync songs I have Shazamed to my Spotify??

PLEASE HELP!!! I currently have and iPhone 7, Spotify premium and Shazam. I need to find out how I can sync all the songs I have Shazamed to a Spotify playlist?

I did it before when I had and android, so I know it's possible. I was just able to hit sync and it added all the songs. 

Please help!! Thank you!

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what worked for me was to delete the My Shazam Tracks playlist from my Spotify; then I unlinked Shazam from Spotify and re-linked them once more. It did create the playlist automatically and with all the tracks I've shazamed so far.


So, in steps:


1. Delete "My Shazam Tracks" playlist from your Spotify.

2. Open Shazam and go to "My Shazam" tab.

3. Tap the gear icon; this will take you to the settings.

4. In the setting it shall give you the option to disconnect Spotify from Shazam.

5. Tap the "Disconnect Spotify" button.

6. Connect once more to Spotify from Shazam.

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Thank you. 

I did try what you suggested. 

It did create a new Shazam playlist in Spotify. 

Now, how do I sync the songs I already have Shazamed to that Shazam playlist in Spotify?


When I did it on my android, it just asked me if I wanted to sync my Shazam playlist to my Spotify and it saved all the songs automatically. 



I did what you suggested too but now the shazam playlist just disappered from my spotify playlist and never appeared again. What should I do? I already disconnected and riconnected few times... Thanks!

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