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How do I tell Spotify that I hate a genre?

How do I tell Spotify that I hate a genre?

All of the promoted picks are full of rap.  Is that all the spotify developers think people want to listen to?  Even the "pop" is rap.  (Sure, pop can have rap and rock, but it seems pretty weighted compared to other providers).

How do I tell spotify that I don't like rap?

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At this time you can't. This is a idea that you can find here

So spotify wants to know if the answer fixed my problem.  Well, no.  Spotify's playlist selection is horrid.  Popular music mixes "pop" (normal pop), rap, and country?  Really?  Where's the broken down playlists?  

I feel like all the spotify engineers love rap so they don't see the problem or something.  Seriously?  Groove encouraged me to go here, and Groove had *WAY* better suggestions and playlists.  Maybe go learn something from Microsoft since they no longer compete in this space.

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