How do I transfer playlists from an account to another?


How do I transfer playlists from an account to another?


When I deactivated my Facebook account, I logged back into my Spotify account and it reactivated my account. So I made a new account.. How do I transfer my playlists from my old account to my new one? I tried "sharing" but that only works with friends on Facebook..

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No, that does not work. It creates a link ("follow") to the original play list, it does NOT crate a new playlist in the new account. "Community mentor and troubleshooter" my ass...
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You need to follow the playlist from the new account as well. "Collaborative" just makes it possible for anyone in the entire world to edit it (please correct me if I'm wrong), it does not make the playlist show up in the list of playlists for all users in the entire world. Search for the playlist name and then follow it to make it show up.

@Aliisasd wrote:
Hey, with Spotify Family, I tried to use the "Collaborative" button in the original account, but the playlists never showed up in my new account. Can this be a problem with the android app? I tried to use the button again but it only had the option to remove the collaborative use.


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@bumgarnerlarry wrote:

I cannot sign into my old account.  That is why I created a new one.

You need to access your old account to access the playlists in there, that should be evident. Try to reset the password if you don't rememeber it. If you can't remember the username or the email address of the account, you're pretty much **bleep**ed.

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@Andrewfi wrote:
Thanks for this. I just moved all my music to a new account in just a few seconds. Great work!

I know the comment system here is f#&%ed up, but it would help if you could indicate which post you replied to. It would be extremely helpful to those here looking for a solution.

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I am 'Andrewfi' 🙂
Yes, messed up system.

I used this tool:
Or rather its predecessor, now deprecated. From user AArtek:

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I am 'Andrewfi' 🙂
Yes, messed up system.

I used this tool:
Or rather its predecessor, now deprecated. From user AArtek:

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When i drag a list to my dsktop, it creates an inteenet shortcut. When I drag the file into spotify, it creates a followed list. Not a standalone list. I want to move the standalone lists fron one avcount into the other account. Not follow. Is there a solution?

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Hey @Doloxene, those may have been old instructions for an older version of the Spotify desktop client. If you're copying the tracks from one playlist to another playlist, you can copy and paste the tracks into a program like Notepad, then copy them from Notepad back into a new playlist on the new playlist. That should work fine.


Let me know if you have any further issues 🙂 



BobF wrote:

A little extra info: I faced this problem when splitting our family account. 

The new account was able to follow the playlist but the new account holder didn't own it so they weren't able to edit it.

The solution I found is awkward but it may be the only way.

I had the new account follow the playlists from the original account. I then created a new playlist in the new account with the same name.

Then you <shift> select every track in the followed playlist, add them to the resident playlist and unfollow the other.




thank you bobf absouletly the easisest way to do it.... select a song in the playlist you want to transfer from hit CTRL A it'll select all the songs in that playlist then drag em to the appropriate playlist..... now i just wish spotify would let us permanently close accounts and completely unlink them from facebook


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Hi there, 


I found a simple solution. Just go to Spotmybackup
1) Login to your current account, then you can export the playlist. Save the exported file. 

2) Export the playlist. Save the exported file. 

3) Open different browser (or Incognito/private browser)

4) Login to your new spotify account 

5) Import the playlist file. 

6) Done 🙂 


Probably the solution I've found was introduced by Spotify after the solutions mentioned here in 2014. Make use of the "Spotify-URL".


Firstly, I logon into the account with the playlist I want to. Open the playlist and select (...) copy Spotify-URL. Secondly, logoff and logon into the target account. Create an empty playlist. Then paste the Spotify-URL into the search bar and 'voila' the playlist is shown. Select all tracks (control+A) and drag them into your new playlist.

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Hi guys, 

I've read the tips for this problem in this thread as well as others, and wanted to share the EASIEST, LEAST HASSLE method. I just went to

and went to Technical support, and sent them an email, with my request. I received a reply very quickly, and within a couple of hours, all of my playlists and folders were transferred over. My old account wasn't closed (they only close it if you ask them to), and the folders were MOVED, rather than copied. Correspondence from Spotify below. Excellent customer services. Why waste time doing it yourself manually?


Hi there,

Thanks for confirming your new username xxxx. We'd be more than happy to update your account , don't worry.

Yes, we can help you move your playlists, account/playlist followers, and songs in Your Music to your preferred a account. We just need you to verify you’re the account holder for the new account.

(You can just pick one, no need to send them all)

  • Order ID (you’ll find this on your Spotify receipts, available on your account page)
  • The earliest Spotify payment receipt you have available (you can find this on your account page)
  • A screenshot of a Spotify payment on your bank statement

We'll be waiting for your reply so we can go ahead and get this done for you. Let us know if you have any questions.

Take care,


Spotify Customer Support



(All you need to do) make a new account, log in, make a new playlist, go to your old one on old account, do Ctrl+a on the songs then Ctrl+c to copy and paste (Ctrl+v) into new playlist and bang answers solved


Thanks a lot! it really helped me!


@aartek wrote:

You can try the tool I've created. It is available on my blog: (English instruction at the bottom of post)

Excellent application. Simple and fast! Congratulations to the creator.

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That doesn't work on a mac at all.  Also I tried sumbitting a question to spotify but the email linked is old and inactive.  I tried changing it but it won't update it with spotify.  


BINGO!!!!!  Reccomend this way!!!


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If I can just add to this, I took the advice and opened a chat window with the Spotify guy and he was SUPER helpful in sorting out my playlist transfer. I even moved countries and have a new payment method and he also recreated all my archived playlists so I didnt lose anything. It took a while since I had quite a few but everything is now working perfectly. Totally perfect and brilliant customer service!

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Totally perfect and brilliant customer service!

Or not. my wife was promised transfer of playlists and lockdown of old account so as to avoid confusion. Of course that never happened, so she has continued to edit her non-Pro account which means that all her playlists in the Pro account is now useless. 😞


Effing BAD customer service in this case.


In the end I did it the manual way for her:

  1. Log in to web interface ( with old account.
  2. Log in to Windows player with new account.
  3. In web interface:
    1. Rename playlist xxx to xxx_old (just to avoid confusion).
    2. Right-click and Copy link
  4. In windows player:
    1. Paste link in search box and press Enter. You get taken to the playlist.
    2. Click on first song.
    3. Shift-click on last song. (Ctrl-A did not work for me although it seems to have for others)
    4. Right-click on last song and choose to add to new playlist
    5. Rename the new playlist
  5. Repeat section 3-4 for all playlists

It might take some time (especially with many playlists), but you have control yourself. And you don't need to rely on some lying/lazy/forgetful suppert person.


Additional info to Peter's receipt: when you've dragged a playlist from the desktop to the client, click the three dots besides the "follow"-button, Then choose "Create similar playlist" in order to copy the content.