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How do these thieves get bank account information?

How do these thieves get bank account information?

My wife and I have NEVER given Spotify any bank or card details, mainly because we had never heard of them.  Who are they?  6 spotty youths in a dorm room, hence their name??


Yet this week we have had a charge in our bank account from them.  Of course as with all shady companies there is no customer service number to call or email to contact.  What a surprise.....


Anyone know how you actually get to speak to one of the 6 spottys???

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community!


You can contact with Spotify Consumer Support filling this contact form, or tweeting to @SpotifyCares (ENG), @SpotifyAyuda (ESP) or @SpotifyAjuda (PT).




If you receive an automated email that leads you back to the community or help pages, reply to it (even if it's from "no-reply") and one of the Spotify team members will get back to you as soon as possible.




Don't forget to check your Spam Box 😉



Thanks.  I sent a message to that customer service address 24 hours ago, but of course no answer.  How do I get to actually get a response from one of the spotties?

I escalated your case, you'll hear from Support soon.

Hello @youarethieves, and apologies for the delay.


I'm sorry to learn of the difficulty you are having and I would be delighted to help resolve this for you.


I've just assigned your case to our payments team, and they'll investigate the issue. Hopefully you'll get a response soon!




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