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How do you think this will be any good to you? Just a sign for greedieness...

How do you think this will be any good to you? Just a sign for greedieness...

How hard do you think it should be to delete my Spotify account!? If it was you to decide that answer should be "NEVER"...


I Will delete my account just brecause you have made it to be pain in the ass to delete it.

So, since i have to come here and "ask" you to remove my account! 

Renove it, delete my account permanently. Greedy company. IF you just have made it easy to do what i want with my account i may have sticked with my free account...


just delete it



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Hi @Hernberg. Sorry to hear that you're having trouble deleting your account. While I don't know the exact logic behind it, I would assume deleting a Spotify account isn't as easy as clicking a button because of security concerns. By adding in some work to get an account deleted it ensures that only the people who have the authority to delete that account do so, and not some stranger that managed to guess our password. If you are adament about deleting your account, then you will need to get in touch with support. This can be done by either reaching out to @SpotifyCares on twitter; messaging support on Facebook; or through this contact form. If it's been more than 48 hours without a response, reply to the e-mail you received confirming they got your message (if you used the contact form), or, if you messaged them through Twitter or Facebook, shoot them another message there. Best of luck!

Funny thing is that "this contact form" does only link me to som strange "tree" of options. Wich in links me to a "contact us" thingy. AND when i click that, guess what happens. It links me here, Twitter or facebook.

About the security issue. People actually have a password for a reason. To have their account protected. I know there is people that are able to "hack" accounts. But that is lifes cycle, if you want your stuff private? Then you Will do whatever you can to have it secure (strange, long and secure as possible).
Anyway i guess i need to contact them through Twitter or Facebook then. I tried to avoid that, but i Will do what i have to do.

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