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How to cancel premium without access to account?

How to cancel premium without access to account?

So, my facebook account has recently been locked and i have no intentions on unlocking it, but what worries me is the spotify premium. I started my spotify account via facebook. If i have no access to my spotify account, would it still charge me for the premium? If so is there any way that someone from spoitfy could deactivate my premium?

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If on an IPhone go to ITunes & App Store > Click on your Apple ID > Click 'View Apple ID' > This will take you to the App Store, so after that go to 'Subscriptions' and manage them in there. If on Android it would probably be the same process with Google Play instead; but I can't be certain since I don't have an android

This method could work without needing a login, but if it doesn't the best idea would be to go to an Admin, or email Spotify's support

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