How to cancel spotify account


How to cancel spotify account


I don't know why i received an email fom spotify, i don't even know what is spotify. The email says that "Thanks for using your pre-paid code to enjoy music on Spotify. This is your receipt."

All i want is to cancel all subscriptions and remove all my detials, because i don't want to pay or going to pay something that i don't even know what it is, so please tell me what to do. 

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Hi there @Shirleyhu1!

I'm sure this Link will help you out of this:

Go to the point where you want to go and ,if necesarry, also describe your problem!

If you get a non-reply Email, just reply and will be connected directlyto the Support. And what do you actually mean when you say: "i don't even know what is spotify."? Because if you get an Email like that, a Spotify Account is requierd. Did you maybe forget that you've created one or did you give your account details to another person?


If you have any further questions come back at me!