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How to change Spotify country when on holiday?

How to change Spotify country when on holiday?

I need to change my country to join my family's Spotify Family account, which is set to the UK. My account is currently set to Greece (as I live in Greece for a couple months in the summer, and it wouldn't let me sign in on my free account without changing my country) and I would like to change it back to a UK account, but when I go to account settings there is no UK option in the drop down menu. I've emailed support but they haven't replied yet.

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Hey there @jameskparry and welcome to the community!


This is a bit tricky, indeed. When did you contact support? If you used the contact form and received an automated email directing you back to the help pages, please reply to it so that a member of the Spotify staff can look into it. They should get back within 24-48 hours.

Make sure to check your spam folder, as emails are known to like to hang in there sometimes 🙂

Alternatively, you can send them a tweet or DM using their twitter handle @SpotifyCares


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