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How to change username

How to change username

Hi - I would like to change my username from '224jnd2gynysaaxzyvarq23iy' to somethign which I don't need to write down to login to devices.  For example, my email address - which is unique to me and which I used to create my spotify account.  This is really only because I can remember my email and password, but can't remember '224jnd2gynysaaxzyvarq23iy' and my password. 


Can someone please link me instructions on how to change my user name and/or create an alias whereby I can use my email as a proxy for my username, and have Spotify's tech people handle the translation to '224jnd2gynysaaxzyvarq23iy' in the background?


P.S. I found a site indicating I can create a new account with the username of my choice, however, it won't let me do this since it says "that email is already taken".  Of course it is taken, because I've used it for my account already....

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Hey @224jnd2gynysaax! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Unfortunately, changing your username isn't possible right now.

But there is an idea for this going, you can give it a like to show your support. ^^

You could change the email address of your current account and after that you could use your current email addres for you new account.


Let me know if that helps, thanks! ^^


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