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How to non-twitter contact snottify?

How to non-twitter contact snottify?

Hey. When I signed up, it said I had 6 months free premium membership, because I'm with Fido. Now, I'm getting a renew notice saying my subscription ends in 2 days. There's seemingly no way to directly contact the company, except through twitter, which I don't have or want. What's up? 

2 Replies

Hi Snottify and welcome to the community! 🙂

Have you already contacted Fido to see why the offer is expiring so soon? I had a promo with Sprint a few years ago and it was managed through them until it expired. I then went back to regular Premium through Spotify directly.
If Fido is responsible for the promotion, I would check first with them and see if their customer service can explain. There might be some miscommunication on your account.

Rad, thanks for the answer. That was actually in my idea bag of possible Things To Do. I just hate calling customer service numbers. You're probably right about the expiry thing, but maybe price protection applies? Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you have an excellent life filled with bitchin' ear candy. 



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