How to setup Family account when using Rogers Premium (Canada)

How to setup Family account when using Rogers Premium (Canada)


I have Spotify Premium from Rogers in Canada, and it's supposed to allow for the family plan, but I don't see any options to do it.  I saw on the support page "If you have a Premium account created through any other company than Spotify, you will need to contact that company to cancel before signing up to Spotify Family."


I don't see how this would apply to Rogers, as they advertise that it's the family sharing plan, and that's the one I'm signed up to.


When I click "Family Plan" in the account page it takes me to a page to signup for Premium.



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Hey there! 


Were you able to set up your Premium subscription through Rogers? If not, we'd suggest you to get in touch with them. They should be able to give you a hand with that. Let us know how it goes.


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Actually I haven't looked at it since I sent this message. My spotify account is already configured and works great for premium (I've had it for a few years even). Where I have the problem is adding someone in my family for an additional account.


When I go to the rogers page to configure, it sends me to the account page for Spotify. When I click on the link for "family" on Spotify's account page, it sends me to a sign up page. That's why I'm asking here, and not going through 1hr+ of hold time, and then subsequent transfers through several individuals on Rogers support lines only to tell me that I need to talk to Spotify.


Does anyone have experience with this at Spotify?


Surely there is a group that helped setup the connection to the Rogers billing platform for provisioning the accounts. (inside note: I used to work for Rogers and actually helped setup a number of these similar types of partnerships...)




No problem! 


If that's the case you can get in touch with our Accounts team at or via Twitter @SpotifyCares. They can take a look backstage. Most likely, you'll need to get in touch with Rogers since they're managing your subscription and the process is slightly different. 


Keep us posted.



I'm having this problem as well and just contacted Rogers. I was told they do not support Spotify family plan, and that I would have to wait until my Rogers spotify subscription ended, then sign up for a family plan through Spotfiy. Not a helpful response at all.

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