I Forgot My Password and Email Address


I Forgot My Password and Email Address


Hi. I'm Yap Yee Jin from Malaysia. Currently I faced issues which is I accidentally log out from this account.  (as attached). Inside this account I had created a playlist called Japanese Jam.


I total have 2 accounts.


Can spotify resend an email to me? 




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Re: I Forgot My Password and Email Address

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Hey there @Yapyeejin, welcome to the community!


That doesn't sound good but no worries, help's here! First, you can read this very helpful guide on how to find your username from your device's cache memory. If that doesn't help, you can also take a look at this support article on how to locate it. After you succesfully find it, you can request a password reset by following this step-by-step guide! Did you perhaps log in using your facebook credentials? In this instance, if your account was created with Facebook, you will need to go to your Facebook settings to change or reset your password.


Let me know if that helps!



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