I GO **bleep**ING MENTAL SONE!!!


I GO **bleep**ING MENTAL SONE!!!


Hi i have problems with a lot of other ppl listening to my account, i havent bin using it for some mouths but now i do. and then i listen to music its stops and says dat some one else is listen to it and wonder if i will countiue on the sma phoen as b4. i press yes and it takes a couple secs and its ask me again, i have changed password on fb and logged out everyvere but its syill happens dayli.

Im trying to reset but its says dat i have loggen in with FB so i cant get a new password and my old password for Spotify dat i know has bin on some give away password saits still works and i CANT CHANGE IT!!!

i trye to follow the gaind and it says go to accound and press the change password in the left meny... BUT THERE IS NO BOTTON LIKE DAT! this is geting so enoying and all my old good discover weekly have changed to some **bleep** musik to.

Can some one help me to get dat back and CHANGE MY SPOTIFY PASSWORD???


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Hi IrieMok,


I understand your frustration, but please keep in mind here on the community most of us don't work for Spotify, we are users as are you.


To unlink your Spotify account from Facebook:

  1. In the top-right corner of the desktop app, click > Settings
  2. Under Social, click DISCONNECT FROM FACEBOOK.

(Thanks @MattSuda for the instructions)


Please note: To be able to do this, you can't have created your Spotify account with Facebook. 


Good luck,