I believe my account has been hacked


I believe my account has been hacked


I feel like I'm losing my mind. At first I thought someone I knew was just using my account, or I left it signed in somewhere, but I'm nearly positive I'm being attacked.


Every minute (approximately every 70 seconds, I've timed it repeatedly now) a song starts playing from an artist known as "Soundland".  I have no idea who this band is and no one on my family account does either. There is a device called "Web Player (firefox)" and no one in my family uses firefox.


Here's what we've done:

  • reset my password (no one else knows my userid or password)
  • confirmed my email address
  • signed out all devices ("Web Player (firefox)" remains in my device list)
  • checked the development portal for API keys (none)
  • Checked offline devices (none other than my phone)
  • I'm not connected to facebook
  • Contacted support

What can I do?  Someone else changing the music I'm listening to everyminute while I'm wearing headphones.  I've contacted support and no response, not even the usual "thanks for letting us know!"


Edit: didn't know support was chat based, and I was waiting for an email



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Hey @zkleiman! Welcome to the Spotify Community!

It sounds like you got in touch with the folks from Spotify. Just to make sure, could you let me know if everything's alright now? 


Thanks, have a lovely day! :)

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Re: I believe my account has been hacked


I've been having this same issue for the last week. Luckily it isn't every 70 seconds, but the Web Player takes control of my music every 5-10 minutes. Like you said, it is always an artist that I've never heard of. This morning I noticed about 20 new playlist that had been added to my account as well. I've logged out, changed passwords, and it is still happening. Any ideas? 

Re: I believe my account has been hacked - Status changed to: Closed


Hey @jviar5428!


We’re sorry to hear that. Go here to know know what to do next. You can get in touch with our Accounts Team; they'll be able to take a closer look into this. 


If you need help with something else, feel free to create a new thread.