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I bought 3 months spotify premium and now I have a test account

I bought 3 months spotify premium and now I have a test account

So basically I purchased spotify premium a few months ago (somewhere in november) 3 months of spotify premium for 1 euro. But I recently found out that my account turned into a 'test account'? Because well when I look at my profile in the spotify app it just says 'Test'. But I don't want to pay 10 euros every month because my 3 months period will be over in a few weeks. Does anyone know if have to or can cancel premium? Also I can obviously not log in on a PC because I don't know the password and stuff for this account



thanks guys!

2 Replies

Hey @Laurens2000, welcome to the Community!


Does logging out and back in make a difference? Also, we suggest you double-check the info registered on your account by logging into your Account Overview.


Let us know how it goes.

Thanks @SergioDavid !


well I'm scared to log out as I'm afraid that I can't log in again and me and my music addiction would not be able to handle that :S haha. And I can't  acces Account Overview as I only have this premium acc on my phone sooo I'm not sure if it makes sense but I don't have any passwords or usernames for this acc as it's a test acc and if I log in on my main account it says I don't have spotify premium.

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