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I can Download Songs to my Computer but not my Phone

I can Download Songs to my Computer but not my Phone

I am a spotify premium customer, and use the app on both my macbook and my iPhone 6s.  I just bought a new album through iTunes as it wasn't released to Spotify, but I am still trying to sync it into Spotify.  I was able to sync my iTunes playlists with spotify on my computer no problem, and most of them then sanc to my iPhone, except the one that I want.  I was able to download it in spotify on my computer, and when I went to see if all of my iTunes playlists were in the spotify app on my phone, they are all listed, and most of them have cover art, except for the one.  I cannot download it to my phone, which would be my main way of listening to it.  The album is greyed out and when I toggle "download" to "on," it says "waiting to download," but then nothing happens.  

Yes, I could listen to it through Music on my phone, but I like to have all of my music in the same place, which is why I pay for the benefits of Spotify premium.

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Hey @anna_kinng!


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community.


So you bought an album via iTunes. You then put it in Spotify on your Mac, but it won't download to your iPhone, right?


First of, let's try to identify the problem. Could you answer some questions?

  1. Are you sure you still have enough space to download the album? (you can see how much space you have left in settings. If you need any further steps just ask me.)
  2. Is your iPhone connected to the same WiFi as your Mac?
  3. Is your Spotify on your iPhone the latest version? (Check for updates in the appstore please!)

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