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I can log into my app

I can log into my app

Spotify log me out of the app and now i cant log back in it says my email password is incorrect or that isnt an account, i have logged in on my computer completely fine!



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Hey @user-removed!


Thanks for posting in the Community! Let's see what we can do.


Are you sure you typed your password/email/username right? Check if your username is exactly the same as the one you use on your PC. If so, try to reset your password then log into the app again.

Hi have tried everything, making sure that its perfectly the same and resetting it multiple times and still nothing, it isnt working on both my ipod and my iphone, but working on both my mac and PC

That's pretty weird. Since this seems to be related to your account (and not your device) I suggest you take up contact with support here. If you get an automated reply just respond to that email and they'll get back to you. 

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