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I can not see any of my facebook friends on Spotify

I can not see any of my facebook friends on Spotify

Hi, I used my old Spotify account 3 years ago. A week ago I have created my new Spotify account. I want to connect my new account to Facebook, but I can not because of my old profile. So I disconnect my old profile from Facebook and connected my new account to Facebook. Now it is connected (i can log in to Spotify by Facebook), but I cannot see my FB friends in the list 'Friend activity'.

Facebook reads some ID number, how can I find which Spotify account it is?

Do you know how to fix this problem?


Thank you for your reply.



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Hey @tojsemja, welcome to the Community!


We suggest you follow the steps listed here to close your old account. After that, check that Spotify can view your friend list.


Just go to your Facebook settings > Apps > Spotify > Make sure friend list is checked. 


Let us know if that makes a difference.

So I've tried it, but it isn't still working.

It reads "0 friends on Spotify"


here is my screen:  





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