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I can't cancel my Premium account. Help!!!


I can't cancel my Premium account. Help!!!

I'm trying to cancel my Premium account. The Help pages direct me to the Subscription page, where supposedly there should be a "cancel subscription" button. I need to cancel this TODAY so it doesn't renew tomorrow!


On the Subscription page, all it says is :


You do not currently have a payment provider connected to your account.

[and then a button that says 'update details']


Your Spotify Premium subscription will be automatically renewed on 2015-01-14 and charged $12.99 + Sales tax, unless you cancel your subscription before that time.


It says nothing else! When I press the button that says "update details" it just redirects itself to the same page. PLEASE HELP SOON!!!


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No friggin joke! I am on android and this magical cancel subscription button is friggin nowhere to be seen! The second I get this bull **bleep** figured out I will be deleting spotify for good! 

You can't cancel on a phone you have to open up the website address on a PC. It only gives you the cancel option on there. Drove me nuts teying to figure it out too.

I'm a premium user.I deleted facebook and i cannot log in to my spotify account through my pc.But i have it still open in my mobile phone.So i want it cancelled but there is no way of recreating my facebook account (it deleted me forever and i cannot retrieve my password).Please help me.


Same here. It says am on Free trial for 30 days. I tried the free premium last 02/01/2018. Now am getting a message that it will expire on 02/07/2018. Complete hoax. I can't even find the UNSUBSCRIBE button! What now Spotify???

itunes steps:

Settings- itunes and app store

click on your apple id

click view apple id

click subscriptions.

turn off spotify subscription and take a screenshot as proof in case they charge you again the next month for proof to support a credit card dispute.

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