I can't connect my account with facebook.


I can't connect my account with facebook.

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Xperia z2

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Windows 7


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 I can't connect my account with my facebook.

When I go into "find friends" tab and I click that blue banner with "connect to facebook" nothing happens. I thought that it's caused by my browser, but nope. I have changed my default browser and still nothing happened when I pressed that button.

I also tried to connect my account through mobile app on android, but there's the same issue. I can't even "touch" this option. Without it I can't add friends, please help me. Sorry for my messy English.


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Re: I can't connect my account with facebook.


Hey @Takehi, welcome to the Spotify Community!


That's odd. We'd like you to try to connect your FB profile to your Spotify account one more time with these steps. Make sure to do it from the desktop app if possible.


If it still doesn't work, it's possible that you have a second account created with your FB profile. In this case, log out from your account and try to access again. This time, use the Log in with Facebok option. If there's no account linked to your profile, you'll be prompted to create a new account.


If you get to access to a Spotify account, you'll need to close it first with these steps if you want to link your FB profile to your main account.


Let us know if this helps!