I can't log in even with good password and username

I can't log in even with good password and username

Hi. So on May 20th 2019 i switched to Premium (0.99 euros for 3 months) and everything was great until yesterday morning. I was listening a new album, when the music stopped so i wanted to check what was wrong on the app, and then it said i couldn't log in. I tried many times with the good username and the good password and it didn't work. The problem is i can't have a new password or something because i don't remember my email address because i don't use it anymore. I created my spotify account years ago with that address but i don't remember what it is. So i created a new account (this one) but i still want to try to get my "old" account back because i don't want to pay for nothing (+ i have manyyyy playlists there and i want to get them back as well). In the screenshot there's written in the orange box "Username or password are incorrect" in french, but i'm sure it's the good username and good password. Also, i checked if my "old" account still exists, and yes it does. Please help me. Thank you.

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Hi @user-removed, welcome to the Community!


You can contact the Spotify team here, they are more than happy to help you reconnect with your music.


Let me know if you need anything else!

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