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I can't log in into my account

I can't log in into my account

Well, sorry for my bad English.


Yesterday I was listening music. When suddenly I started to heard some ads. That was pretty odd, because I have the familiar plan. So I tried the button that the app showed up "Upgrade". I thought that my subscription expired or something. But when I tried the button, there was an error. The page were nothing. Almost the same when you write wrong the web adress. But I tried to log in in another web explorer but I ever couldn't log in. I tried in another account and there was not problem. It was just in my account. I tried everything facebook log in, old passwords. When I use the reset password or "have you forgotten your password" it just tell me that there weren't an account with that username. 

I wanna restore all my playlist and my account. Plese someone help me, I tried with a topic in spanish but no one ever answer me. BTW My username it's: (Removed username) 


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Hi @JuandeGF, welcome to the Spotify Community.


There are a couple things that could have happened, we’ll help you get to the bottom of it. Are you seeing your playlists when you sign in? Try to log out/ log in and see if your Premium activates.


If a log out/ log in doesn’t work check your inbox. Did you get a confirmation email after upgrading? If you have your subscription confirmation and it’s still not appearing you may have created a second account and upgrade that one by accident. Please follow this guide in our FAQ to find out if you have a second account.


Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!

I can't log in, I don't know if my account was deleted. But I just can't.

I'm interested in recover my old playlist at least. But, I can't enter to my account. 

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