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I can't log in to my account, I tried to change the password but it doesn't

I can't log in to my account, I tried to change the password but it doesn't

I can't change my password so I created new account but I want to take back my previous acc I there anything you can do about it?
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I am having trouble getting back into my account because in short Spotify says it doesn't exist. The long story is that it started out of nowhere when i clicked on the Spotify app to listen to some music and instead of just being able to listen to my playlists and the music i listen to regularly i was met with the log in screen. At first I thought it wasn't a problem and i was going to login back in but i was met up with a problem. I clicked log in and i put in my email address and password and it didn't work. I was confused since it has been the same password and email since i made the account but anyways i decided to try and log in with my username and password but it said there is no Spotify account linked to this username. I was now starting to get annoyed so I decided to just log in with google and the i was met with another problem. When i clicked Continue with Google instead of it just sending me into my account so i can listen to my playlists it sent me back to the log in screen with a message that says and I quote "You do not have a Spotify account connected to your Google Account." I even tried logging in with my laptop which is another place i used spotify on and it also doesn't work on the laptop. I have tried to get back into my account for almost an hour and still nothing. I even had to make a random account with another email address just to write this out because again my account isn't working. I hope someone can help me with this problem because I have had that account for maybe 5-6 years and I have never had a problem. I hope someone can get back to me soon and help me with this problem.

Hello @Brandon2209!


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Community. Can you try having a password reset with your email address here? If it works, you should be able to log in using this email address and your new password.


Let me know how this goes!

Jose_MSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Some days ago I noticed that my Spotify app on my Android phone got logged out, I've been trying to log back using both my authorized signing in methods, but neither works. Help!

Yes, Istill have the original "wrong password or email" problem and nothing changes if you log in using email or username 

Hey there, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Can you share the error messages? You can take screenshots while trying both methods and attach them in a reply to this message.

AmayySpotify Star
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Hi @LorenzoVIII!


Could you try resetting your password in an incognito/private window to see if that does the trick? Make sure also that you're running the latest version of the app.



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I am having the same issue as well. I had a wonderful agent try to trouble shoot the issue. We got to rebooting my computer, and I the agent has been disconnected. The agent gave me code incase we got disconnected, and I used the code and the bot pushed me to this community forum to see if other people had similar issues.


Same issue here. Curious that I'm told on the phone app that the password is incorrect, while the exact same password logs in correctly on web and desktop.

Hey @nhg41ny5,


Thank you for the post! The Community appreciates everyone's POV!


Are you also receiving the above mentioned errors -"ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" or are you receiving the issue only on your mobile device? Something we could suggest would be to perform a clean reinstall of the app. That way if any of the code got a bit jumbled up during an update it would be reset anew. 


Very often that deals with the issues at hand and removes them without much effort. Here are the steps on how to perform a clean reinstall.


Hope that helped out! The Community is always here if you need us!



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Hi Elena, the spotify error was on a factory reset phone, on a fresh install. A data wipe and reinstall did not solve the issue at the time. The issue persisted after manually requesting a new password and using that new password, which is when I noticed I wasn't just typing incorrect passwords. Later I noted I was locked out fully, with a spotify email about suspicious activity, probably from myself performing so many attempts. However after performing the obligatory password reset offered in place, I was finally allowed into the account on all devices.



Free AND Premium





Operating System



Hi, since yesterday i can no more logon in my Spotify App.

Not with my premium account nor with my free account.

It say email an PW combination is wrong.

Weblogin With both accounts is OK.


Changed Pw for both accounts

App no login possible

Web login no problem


Deleted the app, restarted device

Still not working


Any tipps?


Thanks a lot



The same problem here. Premium account, Android 14, Zenfone 10. Login into app is not working. Web version is OK.

Ok, I tried it several times and Spotify has reset my password because of suspicious activity. Since then, I'm not able to login even on my old phone with Android 9. I've created a new password, I can login to Web application as well as to desktop application. But Android application always says incorrect username / password. I've a family account, so I tried to login with different account. No luck. I tried to clear all data, reinstall the application. Nothing helped. Today, I've updated the Spotify client with some hope... No way... I've searched through the Community issues and found that this problem occured a few months ago and has been "fixed". Not really...





Hi, i was yesterday 90 minutes in the support chat, did the whole staff.


New PW, unistall, deleted cache, tried to login with username, got a test username.

Nothing worked.

Thex said they give it in intern, and that it work a few hours later, but still not working.....

 i wanted to write Yordan ( a private message, that the problem isn't solved, but i cannot. Could you?

Spotify has introduced some bug in previous releases


1. If you fail to log in multiple times, they will automatically change your password - you will not be notified about this change in application UI (notification about password change will be in your email).

2. On Log in screen, spotify treat email address as username (unique identifier) which is clearly wrong.


How to log into spotify in Android:

1. Check your email address if spotify changed your password due of security reasons (multiple log in failures)

    If password has been automatically changed, set new password by following steps in mail.

2. Log into spotify via web client (use email address as "username").

3. Navigate to Profile | Account | Edit profile.

    where you will find username which is an unique identifier assigned to your account.

4. Use identifier from step 3 as username on Spotify Android to log in.

Hello, the link refers to his profile. However, it seems that it's not possible to send him a private message from that page.

Hi, I've solved the problem. I've added a login method using the google account. This login method is working with the mobile application.

I have recently started to encounter an issue with signing in into my account on my Android devices and iPad. It keeps saying that the login ID or password is invalid despite Changing it a few times.
I have seen the forums etc and I did find an issue listed there which your team marked as closed but the issue is still there is quite prevalent.

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